9 Late Bloomers Who Became Successful in Life
March 19, 2021
CATEGORY : Career Development

As mortal beings, humans are expected to do their prime activities in their mid or late 20s. Others who aren’t fortunate enough to fund their education or unlucky to meet economic hardships, still decide to further education and career even at a later age. There’s a common mentality that learning is enough in college and that learning at a later age is futile. But here are these people who defied against odds - time and their age.

  • Ramil Comendador (Filipino janitor turned lawyer)

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that a former Janitor of COMELEC - Ramil Comendador became a lawyer after years of studying at the Universidad de Manila while doing full-time work at COMELEC. He is 38 at that time (in 2017). Mr. Ramil told the media that his mentor is the former constitutional commissioner Rene Sarmiento. Before pursuing the bar exam, he finished the pre-law course of Public administration. The bar passer hails from Catanduanes - an island province in the Bicol region.

  • Soichiro Honda (Japanese businessman and mechanic)

The founder and chairman of Honda Motor Company started as a car mechanic in 1928. By 1948 at the age of 42, he formed the company. After 10 years, he turned his company into the leading motorcycle manufacturer. At 82 in 1998, Soichiro and his company made it to the Automobile Hall of Fame. The Honda chairman quoted “Success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% that is called failure.”

  • Generito U. Yusores

Mr.Yusores is a Filipino tricycle driver who graduated with a degree in Education from Western Mindanao State University. Despite his age at 64 (in 2019), he pursued schooling and worked hard by doing two jobs - tricycle driver at day and student at night. Previously, his parents enrolled him in Ateneo de Cagayan but because of alcohol and peer influence, he lost his interest in schooling and eventually he dropped out. After years of contemplating and realizing that some of his classmates were earning good wages, he decided to enrol in a university. 

  • Taikichiro Mori (Japanese real estate tycoon)

Before he went to the property bloom, Takichiro left as an economic professor at 55 in Yokohama State University and started in 1959 as a real estate developer. He was successful in persuading businessmen and residents to agree to his plans of redevelopment. By the 1980s, his company Mori Building Company opened Ark Hills complex that includes a concert hall, apartments, offices, hotel, a shop and a television studio. In 1992 he became the world’s richest man with a fortune of $16 billion or $84.4 billion when adjusted for today’s inflation. Taikichiro is also known as “Ooya-san” - a friendly Japanese term for a landlord.

  • Paul Siromoni

Paul Siromoni of Chennai, India was 90 years old when he became famous for earning a PhD even at his advanced age. Dr. Paul Siromoni earned his Doctorate degree after finishing his thesis or research entitled “God’s call to the church to join in transforming the world into a kingdom of love”, some seminars, six papers and three exams. Paul Siromoni is one of the inspirations for young, middle-aged and old people to learn even at old age.

  • Raj Kumar Vaishya

Raj Kumar Vaishya of Patna, India, proved that learning post-graduate studies isn’t too late. At the age of 98, he passed the Master of Arts in Economics from Nalanda Open University (NOU). He finished his three-hour exam in 2017 along with students who could be younger than his grandchildren. Another amazing fact about this man is that - he can read even without glasses. His tips for longevity include - being vegetarian, avoiding fried foods and eating in moderation.

  • Gladys Burrill

Aged 92, Gladys Burrill managed to complete the Honolulu Marathon in 2010 which took nine hours and 53 minutes, setting a Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest female to finish a certified marathon. She was a horseback rider, climber, hiker and aircraft pilot. 

  • Susan Boyle 

Susan Boyle is a British singer who joined Britain’s got talent. Despite criticisms, she managed to defy all odds, amaze the jurors and send her albums into one of the best sellers in the United Kingdom.

  • Ray Kroc of McDonald’s

The founder of the famous golden arch franchise has a humble beginning. Ray Kroc started selling milkshake machines. When he passed by a burger stand in San Bernardino, California, he bought the McDonald brothers’ business. At this time (in 1954), he was 52 years old. After six years, Ray Kroc expanded his McDonald’s franchises to 200. He managed to bring his franchises to stardom when he entered the Franchise Realty Corporation. The rest is history - McDonald’s is a global fast-food restaurant.

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