10 Habits To Be Successful
November 28, 2019
CATEGORY : Career Development

Somewhere, someone’s dream is coming true. Is it your dream? What is your dream life look like? Have you ever thought about it? What is a success for you? 

Success can mean different things to different people. For some, success might be financial achievements, perhaps becoming a millionaire. For some, it might mean accolades. For athletes, it may mean trophies, medals or placements like championships. For some, being successful might simply mean achieving a state of wellness, health or happiness. And whatever it means to you, always remember, that all of them have the same recipe, a recipe for success.


You probably never met a successful person without a vision, or who don’t set goals. The chances of you finding what you want without a clear target to move forward, are right around zero. For your mind is like a GPS where you typed in the destination where you want to go, and it takes you there. 

The number one reason people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want. Thus we must define exactly what it is that we want.

I say, Identify your “WHYs”, your reason for doing what you are doing right now. 


Your success and failures in life are your responsibilities. If something doesn’t work out, you should not blame others or a situation. Instead, you must learn the lesson and move on quickly. It is believed that your energy should solely be focused on the present only. 

Don’t make excuses as to why you aren’t where you should be. Everyone suffers setbacks. everyone has the opportunity to either blame others and situations OR to focus on moving on. Regardless of what has happened, you decide what you do now. Take what you can get and move on.


Discipline is one of the most essential traits of being a successful person, which with constant practice will have positive reinforcements to your future.

It is said that it is much easier to have discipline if you have clear goals and a meaningful purpose. Something that is more important than meaningless distractions.


Always be obsessed with self-development. There will always be more room for improvement. This doesn’t mean you are never satisfied. it’s just that we as humans, it is in our nature to want to grow and learn new things. 

Be open to learn new things and develop your mind. It can come from mentors, books, blogs, etc. Pretty much learning, like learn a lot of stuff about the things you want to improve on. As to what people say, “the more you learn the more you will earn, financially, intellectually, and spiritually.”

  1. READ

Make reading as your common past time. In a world where people can’t sit for 2 minutes without becoming “bored”, or picking up phones to go on social media, be the person who loves to be alone in a quiet place, who read or listen to something that will benefit their mind, and their future. 

And if you’re not a reader, try to listen to audiobooks. Gain new skills, new learnings, new strengths.


Time management is essential. Others usually get stressed and overwhelmed when there are too many tasks to be done. Prioritize the most rewarding task first, and leave the unimportant ones to last.

Plan in advance, like for days, weeks, months ahead, and know what needs to be done to complete the job and reach the goals.


Know when to take risks in order to get where you need to go. The risk for the life that you want, or stay with the one you don’t want. Play to win, don’t play to lose. 

Because oftentimes people are afraid to take risks because of fear of failure, but the greater failure would be that of regret of what could’ve been. 


Keep on going after suffering failures and setbacks. Those things are inevitable and are a NEED. Yes, FAILURE IS A NEED. Everyone will suffer failure and setbacks, and many of them might even lose everything. Most quit but you must never quit. 

Keep going, as the greatest version of you will be formed through these adversities. Knowing that your success story is being written in every moment and decisions you make.


Find a way to win. Whatever life throws your way, you deal with it, smash it, dodge it, whatever it is your way, you must find a way to win — whatever it takes. It is the “whatever it takes” mentality. The confidence in knowing that whatever happens, you will give it your all and leave nothing on the table. FIND A WAY TO WIN!


In a particular saying, if you’re not doing what you love, then you can’t really claim yourself as a success. Earning tons of money while doing what you hate for the rest of your life no matter how great the compensations are, is not a successful living. It is torture.

If you need to suffer doing something you don’t like in order to have a life that you love, do that. But never lose sight. Your life purpose. Your happiness. Do what you love every day, and you will never work a day in your life.


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