7 Reasons to Quit your Job
March 30, 2021
CATEGORY : Career Development

There’s a law of nature where everything is affected by time and changes. From wilting leaves to rusted iron bars - nothing is permanent. Being loyal to your company or management is admirable but soon you’ll face situations that can affect your decision making, comfort zone and personal economy. Whether you're employed for a year or months, this list will help you gauge your decision before quitting your job. 

You’re at a difficult working environment

A difficult working environment can make your work more laborious, tiring and monotonous. It can zap your motivation quickly and drain your peace of mind. A difficult working environment involves:

  • Dangerous working conditions (metal foundry, exposure to biohazards, nuclear power plant)
  • Unhealthy working hours (working late at night)
  • Difficult working peers - aloof, bossy, control-freak and the hot-headed team leader, manager or director
  • Prolonged and unpaid working hours
  • Negative office politics that affect your productivity and career advancement

To take advantage of a better opportunity

The best opportunities are akin to comets - they occur seldomly. Ignoring them is like throwing away a winning lottery ticket. A saying “Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won’t”, upholds this wisdom. So if you’re 100% sure that a better opportunity comes and negates your current working environment - grab it immediately.

If you’re just in your comfort zone, you could be missing many opportunities. You may never know what lies out there until you start to search and analyse.  Missed chances can be: 

  • Better working conditions, pay, and career advancements
  • Workplace near home which means no need to pay monthly rents
  • Job abroad or overseas that pays well more than your local employment
  • The years spent on your current job could be better spent on more lucrative careers. 

Obviously, if you get a new job offer that presents better pay and environment, then it’s reasonable to quit or resign. Once you passed the interview and signed a contract, and as long as there’s nothing holding you back, there’s no better alternative but to say goodbye to your current job and say hello to your new career.

Career Change

Career change refers to taking a new role different from your current job. You’ll do career change to improve job satisfaction, life quality and remuneration. This strategy is the best way to uplift your current standing and change the course of your life. A career change could mean:

  • Assessing skills, beliefs and values
  • Considering a new job within the same industry
  • Setting up a job shadow (following and observing a professional)

Planning to study for a short course or new degree

Studying for a short course or degree is the best way to move up the social or career ladder. It can help you gain new skills that only an extra short course or degree can offer. While it’s possible to work and study at the same time, it might take a longer time than committing full time studying to finish. If you have enough savings and side income, you can still study full-time without going broke.

Lay-off is looming

Lay-offs are mass removal or reduction of staff caused by bankruptcy, company merger, and economic downturn. Just waiting for a lay-off and ignoring the signs can surprise you, if one day, you have been told that you no longer have a job while minding how to pay your never-ending monthly bills and rent.


Working far away from your home can be taxing especially if you’re commuting.  You’ll wake up early and arrive early to cope with the distance of 40 to 60 km between home and workplace. Even if you own a car, it can be tiring to drive back and forth for such distance and endure heavy traffic.

Conflicting schedules and working hours

You may have urgent and important schedules that can be more or equally important to your work. Conflicting schedules include:

  • A family member with a disease 
  • Newborn child
  • Schooling
  • Serious personal medical condition
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