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October 29, 2020
CATEGORY: Career Hacks

The COVID-19 Pandemic is still ongoing and it seems it won’t be subsiding anytime soon for the next coming week or month. According to some experts, there could be succeeding waves - 3 waves just like the 1918 flu. The pandemic killed lives and disrupted the economy and jobs. The good news is some jobs are flexible even during the forced lockdown and lack of transport. Video Game Developer/Designers Since the start of the pandemic, people have been advised or forced to stay at home to avoid infection. To fight boredom, those who are video gamers found video gaming a great pastime. With demand increasing, sales for video games also increased. Here are the statistics - and Japantimes. If you’re a video gamer and a fan of some greatest games - Half-life, Counter-Strike and Resident Evil series, you can find many video games sold online. An increase in video game sales is a boon for video game companies as well as for their employees - video game developers and designers. Video game developers use programming languages such as C++, CSS3, Java, HTML5, Javascript and SQL to build the movement and game physics.   Webmaster (E-Commerce) When most people were advised or forced to stay at homes, eCommerce proved a useful tool for remote business. Such eCommerce involved online marketing of products such as ready to eat meals, pastries, bread, buns, coffee, jams, and condiments. Then there are non-food items such as plush toys, smartphones, electronics, ceramics, keychains and everything that you can sell legally online. The job of eCommerce site webmaster is to maintain websites, find bugs and update content. A need for COVID-19 safe business makes this job thriving.  For this job, you’ll need the following skills in: Web hosting Domain registration Finding and fixing bugs on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP Customer service Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist  The job refers to the specialist of another information technology field. Here you are tasked to increase the website visibility in the search engine and recommend improvements on the website. The competition among eCommerce sites and the need to survive such brought more opportunities for SEO specialists. You’ll work with webmasters or web developers to make sure an optimised website. You’re also a part of the marketing team that makes sure that the website can gain web traffic and reach more potential customers. Just like web developers, your job is flexible and can be done at home and that makes your SEO job flexible and thriving even during Pandemic. Skills you need include: Data analytics Keywording Writing Webhosting Copywriter Copywriters are tasked to write blogs, landing page and subpage contents. A demand in website content and eCommerce makes the need for this job. Here you’ll also work with web developers and SEO specialists to make a user-friendly website. Depending on the company policy, client’s industry and workload, you might be asked to manage social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), write storyboards for videos, and edit articles and blogs.  Skills you need for this role include: Thorough understanding of grammar Ability to write for formal and informal style Write storyboards for videos Script for video games Research news, fact or statistics   Delivery Rider Delivery riders partner with eCommerce companies or online sellers and use the app to process the service. Here you may deliver fast foods, products from eCommerce sites and homemade products. For this, you’ll need the following:  Mobile application and mobile data Awareness of government lockdown rules and regulations Compliant motorcycle or car Customer service skills Graphic Artist A graphic artist is a diverse role that includes sub disciplines such as illustrator, photo editor, video editor and animator. Other internet sources distinguish graphic artists from animators and video editors. Here, you need a compliant laptop/desktop, reasonable internet speed, and comfortable table/chair. This role remains in demand as the IT industry survives during the forced lockdown. Skills needed: Vector graphics software (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape) Photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop CC, Capture One Pro, GIMP) Understanding of colour theory Understanding of typography Computer: Laptop - 8 to 32 GB RAM, Processor: Intel i5/i7/9 Extra monitor   Technical Writer A technical writer is another type of writer. This role involves writing manuals, documentation, and  FAQs. Here you’ll write easy to understand and direct to the point sentences and paragraphs that turn the complex process into simpler and easy to understand documents. You might already have a new smartphone. The accompanying manual in the box is written by a technical writer. Many industries support this job that include: Information technology companies doing business in security systems, software, mobile applications, gaming, and security. Engineering and architectural companies Healthcare - Hospitals and pharmacies For this role, you need the following skills: Writing Knowledge of specific discipline (Architecture, Engineering, Medicine) Understanding of grammar Authoring tools such as Robohelp, Kotobee Flowchart makers such as MS Visio   Online Seller If you can offer any products and services and sell them online, then you can be an online seller. You can launch a website, make a social media page or join an eCommerce website. For example, you can make brownies or confections at home, package and sell them online. Contact delivery services and reach your customers. If you have writing, programming and graphics skills, you can sell them as digital goods or services.  Here are some ideas on products and services you can sell online.  Products and Services Digital goods 3D models Architectural/Engineering plan Astrology reading Business card design Cartoons CGI models Cliparts  Document templates Ebooks (fiction/non-fiction) Emojis and Bitmojis Fonts Infographic design Logo designs Lookup tables Music Plugins Research reports Resume making Stock photos/videos Tarpaulin design Tickets Translations T-shirt designs Voice over Applications Website design Website themes (custom and CMS) Worksheets Food Adobo Crispy wings Flavoured gelatin Flavoured pandesal Cake Ube halaya Leche flan Maja blanca Orange chicken Pancit Sashimi Sushi Vegan meat Pasta Furniture Computer table Ashtrays Laptop table Protective wears Gloves Face mask Face shield Sanitizers Alcohol/Alcogel Hydrogen peroxide Ornaments and arts Bonsai Diorama Potted plants Services Teaching Copywriting Content writing Technical writing Front-end/Back-end coding Social media marketing Web scraping Beauty consulting Home service haircut and rebond Home service manicure/pedicure Subtitler Subtitler refers to a work of hearing a voice from audio and video and transcribing them into text. A subtitle can help people (especially those with hearing disabilities) understand and enjoy the video more. Subtitles are also useful in understanding foreign languages. For this role, you’ll need the following skills: Attentive listening Knowledge of accents Typing skills English grammar Foreign language grammar

October 23, 2020
CATEGORY: Career Hacks

Some jobs are rare that they are hardly seen or noticed by the public. People who do these jobs are either specialists or living in their countries where industries support such work. Here are the weird jobs around the world. Professional Line Sitter Have you remembered waiting in line to buy something or withdraw from a bank only to find out there’s a long box office line? How about not having time to queue before the movie theatre? Here comes the professional line sitter that waits in line in place of the customer. People may leave their lines for temporary reasons such as forgetting something, going for a pee, and the lists go on. Not having someone to temporarily stand for you in line could risk others taking your place and thus having you to fall in line again at the tail of the queue. In fact, this job has already profited one guy from New York, USA. Here is a video and article. Professional Mourners Professional mourners are like actors who are paid to cry during the wake or interment. They cry loudly to show attendees and the family that the deceased is missed or revered during his/her days on earth. An example of this job is from Kenya; here is the video. Train Pusher Japan is known for its efficient transport system that includes trains, taxis and subways. Train operators also follow strict schedules to ensure that trains arrive on time. Unfortunately, during rush hours, train stations are packed with commuters. Here train pushers come to the rescue by pushing people inside the coach before it departs the station. Snake Milker Well, snakes don’t produce milk like cows as they aren’t mammals. The term “milk” here refers to the venom collected. The snake milker collects the venom for scientific and vaccine research. Snake milkers prepare and hold the head of the venomous snake until it can’t move. The brave professional pushes the snake’s fangs against the glass top covered with transparent plastic wrapper held by a rubber band. A video from Brave wilderness shows the milking process.  Snake milking is a dangerous job and must be done by a highly trained person. One mistake can lead to an instant death caused by the venom. Venoms are proteins, enzymes and toxins that can either shut down the nervous system or damage tissues. Here is the video of the effects of a one drop of venom in the blood - a venom clots the blood. Unless you’re the venom man, it’s too risky to do this job. Rental Handsome Man Handsome man for rent. One company in Japan rents their handsome men to women who are looking for some shoulders to cry on. These women are either stressed or coping with the recent heartbreak. The solution, hire a handsome man who is there to listen to their problems and emotions. The man wipes the tears from the woman’s eyes and consoles her with comforting words. Here’s a video from the National Geographic.  Pet Food Taster Pet foods are specialised and compact food for cats and dogs. Such food exists in pellet, jerky or meatloaf form. Human tasters make sure that pet foods are palatable for humans by recording their taste experiences. The only thing that you can make you wonder about this job - do human taste buds are the same with dogs and cats? Ostrich Babysitter Ostrich is the largest bird in the world and stands taller than humans. The bird’s egg is the largest. This job involves watching a baby or young ostrich keep them from running off and prevent pecking at one another. One ostrich farm from South Africa has this video. Friends to pose for selfies Family romance is a Japanese company that offers friends for rent. As you can know from the gist, friends for rent pose for photos inside the client’s house. A video from Vice Asia documents how a group of friends brought party foods and decors. They also posed for photos to make the client appear having a lot of friends attending his birthday and social media followers on Instagram and Facebook. Professional Armpit Sniffer Sounds gross, maybe for some, but professional armpit sniffers might be earning big bucks by smelling armpits of test models. They work for deodorant maker companies and record the smell. Their observations are vital for manufacturers who want to know the efficacy of their products. Ciudacarros Cuidacarros are people who earn their living by watching over your car to prevent someone from vandalizing or robbing inside your car. This job is found in Brazil and Costa Rica. If you happen to park your car in depressed or crime-ridden areas, then you may need Ciudacarros. Underwater Delivery Pizza Man An underwater delivery pizza man’s task is basically to deliver pizza underwater whether it’s 10 or 20 feet below water. At Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, pizza delivery service is offered. The diver carries an oxygen tank, goggles and a waterproof suitcase holding the pizza. It could be a real pain if the customer orders the wrong pizza or demands an extra napkin. Visit this video for how this adventure is being done. Cuddling Girl Japan is known for innovations and also new things and services that can be rented. A cuddling girl refers to a service that includes sleeping and cuddling with a girl (no sexual services involved). Most clients are salarymen or young men dedicated to working for their earnings. The pay depends on the type of service such as sleeping beside the girl or cuddling the girl. Here’s a video.

October 21, 2020
CATEGORY: Career Development

Some jobs are already extinct due to advances in technology. One of the examples of jobs axed were in the telecommunications industry. Such jobs gradually disappeared as new smartphones entered the market. Here are the extinct jobs from the medieval period to recent history. Telephone Booth Clerk The 1980s and 1990s decade was the era of a golden age for telecommunications companies that employ telephone booth clerks. The job of clerks was to guide and connect customers to their friends or loved ones. They may also process the payments of customers using the telephone booth. When the smartphones came into the market and became more affordable for the public, telephone booths slowly faded as well as the telecom companies that were too slow or unable to innovate or upgrade their products and services.    Gong/ Night Farmer Don’t be misled by the term “farmer” in this occupation, gong farmers didn't harvest crops but instead …. A crap - fecal matter. So there goes, during the medieval period in the European countries, relieving oneself involves a privy consisting of a raised board and a collector underneath. The feces were collected into the cesspits. Over time, these cesspits overflowed with feces and needed to be empty. This is where gong farmers do their job - empty and collect their stinking harvest.               Gong farmers carried carts or wheelbarrows to collect heaps or piles of poop and dump them into the community pit. Because of the unholy smell emanating from the human excrement, gong farmers only worked at night to avoid disturbing people from being horrified by the obnoxious gases. That’s when the term “Night farmer” came into being. The word “Gong” came from the word “going” from the phrase going to the bathroom. The invention of latrines, septic tanks and sewage collection services had made this job extinct. Bowling Pinsetter Photo by Library of Congress and licensed under Creative Commons If you have been to bowling alleys during the 1990s and early 2000s, most bowling centres employ bowling pinsetters. These workers’ job was to collect pins and lay them upright for players to hit. The downside of this job is that you have to avoid being hit by the plastic or fibreglass ball and end up with the injured foot. Pinsetter machines replaced this job in most or all bowling alleys. Telegram Messenger Back to the 1980s and 1990s, when people sent letters to telecom companies. A telegram is a short-medium message with a corresponding price for the number of words. A messenger task was to carry a bunch of envelopes containing messages delivered by a cargo. The invention of smartphones and SMS have made this job obsolete.  Human Alarm Clock During the industrial revolution in Ireland and Britain, a paid human alarm clock or knocker-up woke up their clients using sticks to knock onto the doors and windows. This job went extinct with the invention of mechanical and digital alarm clocks. Old Gaming Console Attendant Back to the 1990s, when gaming consoles such as the family computer and sega were common, jobs sprouted at that time. A gaming console attendant’s job was to record the time in and time out of players. They also ensured that the rules’ were followed such as throwing litters in the trash can and processing payments.  Today, there are still gaming console attendants but they are mostly limited to virtual reality consoles and high-end gaming PCs. Morse Code Operator Morse code constitutes dots, dashes, and spaces that correspond to letters, punctuation and numbers. Such dots and dashes are represented by long and short sounds. Back to the 19th century and early 20th century, most telecom companies used Morse code for communication. The invention of smartphones, cell sites and other radio communication devices made the commercial use of morse code obsolete. Now, this job is confined to some of the aviation and naval industries. Pager Operator Way back to the 1990s when pagers were regarded as a mobile form of texting just like today’s mobile phones, pager operators stand between the sender who calls via phone and the receiver who owns a pager. The job involved transcribing the verbal message of the messenger and sending that message into the pager of the receiving person. A pager is a small and pocket-size device with LCD backlit display that shows monochrome characters of numbers and letters.  When mobile phones arrived at the telecommunication scene, the use of pagers plummeted. Slowly, mobile phones replaced pagers although pagers are still used by some doctors, rescue teams, lifeboat crews, mountain rescue teams and emergency workers. Pagers hold one big advantage - they use very high frequency which needs few transmitters and less interfering obstacles compared to smartphones. Video Store Attendant If you’re the 1980s or 1990s kid, you may remember those shops housing shelves or libraries of VHS and Betamax tapes. Betamax was developed by Sony to record sounds and videos. VHS or video home system is another recording medium released by Japan Vector Company. The video store attendant’s job was to process requests of customers, help them find the best movies, inform them about the latest release and process payments. Soon after early 2000s CDs and blu-ray disks came and replaced VHS and Betamax tapes which became museum pieces.  The obsolescence of Betamax and VHS tape ended the careers of video store attendants.  Lamplighter In the early 19th century and 20th century, gas streetlights illuminated cities, homes and streets. Someone had to light these lampposts and extinguish them by the next morning. Thousands of these lampposts were installed in major cities and thus required numerous lamppost lighters. Lamppost lighters used to carry ladders and matches to remove the lamp cover and light a candle or some sort of gas soaked wick. Soon after, the introduction of incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lamps made this job extinct. Reel Film Projectionist Reel film projectionists carry film reels measured 2,000 foot or 610 meters and it can be longer than that depending on the movie’s duration. He or she may replace the reel with another one after the movie finishes, maintain film projectors and repair the devices. The invention of digital format mediums such as hard disks, solid-state drives and USB drives made this job from near to complete obsolescence.  Today, film projectionists became digital projectionists who are masters of digital film projectors equipped with hard drives or USB ports. Some reel film projections do exist but they are limited to some speciality and old cinemas. 

September 14, 2020
CATEGORY: Career Hacks

One of the shocking and scary scenarios is to lose your job. Losing a job means you lose a recurring stream of income to pay your bills, rent, food, mobile and transportation. Being sudden out of job could be caused by mass lay off, firing, bankruptcy and downsizing. Losing a job means you lose the financial support that lets you live in dignity. But losing a job is not the end as you can still make ways to reduce the negative impact of unemployment while looking for a new job.  Get a side income Getting a side income such as part-time or freelance work can help you in three ways. First, you earn money while you are looking for a full-time job or while you’re learning to enhance/add your skills. Second, you’ll get the temporary experience that can fill up your time in order to avoid unemployment gaps. Third, you may be absorbed into the company as they may or might offer full-time positions. Freelance and part-time jobs can help you survive (buy food, pay utilities, pay rents) while you are actively pursuing a full-time job. Such incomes should let you have free time to look for a decent job. Freelance Freelance could be a computer-based job that you can start with a laptop, a stable internet connection and organized mini-space. Some freelance jobs require skills such as graphic design, copywriting, content writing, technical writing and others which will only need a little training to start. You can use the skills you used during your full-time tenure into your freelance jobs. Job name Knowledge/Skills needed Copywriter, Content Writer Grammar, Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Editing, Paraphrasing, Citation (MLA, APA) Graphic artist Graphical software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator), Open source software (GIMP, Inkscape), Infographic maker software Online English teachers English grammar, teaching methods Moderator Content Management System (CMS), Internet browsing SEO Manager Copywriting, content writing, SEO techniques and practices Translator English, Japanese, Filipino, French, Spanish, Chinese Web development and design Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Library (bootstrap), CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento) Backend: PHP, SQL, Python, Javascript, Java Software development platform: Github   Part-time jobs Part-time jobs usually refer to outdoor jobs that are temporary and not bound by contract. Job Skills Cook Mise en place (preparation), recipes  Laptop repairman Laptop servicing, reading of multimeter, usage of tools Mail carrier Driving, geography, navigation Liaison officer Driving, geography, navigation, legal skills (for legal liaison officer jobs) Barista Knowledge of coffee, coffee machine operation, coffee making Expand and reach out to your network How large your network may affect your chances of landing a good job. In fact, a part of job landing success comes from the network or people you knew as working colleagues, friends and relatives. They may simply be those people you met in a convenience store. They could be a drinking buddy last night or a bystander asking for directions. Expanding your network means knowing more people - quality people whom you can trust. Expanding your network doesn’t mean you have to imitate a people pleaser dude. Here’s how to expand your network: Use alumni networks - They are your school buddies way back to your high school and college years. Get involved in social media - Promote your website or blogs and chat with people. These social networking sites are full of communities and groups sorted according to their niches.  Join an organization - You can join those groups, clubs or shared interest organizations. There could be a writer's guild, graphic artists’ organizations and aid for the unemployed organizations. Volunteer - Join an organization working for a cause or an interest you care about. From there, you’d meet different people who might be your future potential buddies, friends and even your future girlfriend/boyfriend.  Start a website and blog - By having your own website and blog you can make yourself known within or outside of your niche and expand your presence across the internet.  Nurture your network - While you don’t need to contact them daily, you do need to greet them either offline or online on a biweekly or weekly basis. You need to let them know that you care and that you exist in their minds.  Trim your expenses When you trim your expenses you remove those wants from needs. Such “wants” involve video streaming subscriptions and cable. Needs are those that you need to survive (food, water, medicines). Bulk cook - This means that you can cook various dishes which you can keep in the fridge and reheat. ​Share your internet - You can lower your internet bills by having others share with your internet. Cancel gym membership - Get free exercise by walking, jogging or buying your own free weights. Save energy - Use LED instead of fluorescent lamps.   Build better resume Preparing your resume requires updating your experiences and contacts, and upgrading some of your skills. A well-polished resume is crucial for your success as it shows your detailed career updates. Here’s how to update a resume: Make a format of your resume (chronological, functional and combined) Update Skills, Experiences and Education Create or update portfolios (sample of work for designers, editors, writers and web developers) Remove old or entry-level positions Refresh contact info if necessary Edit (checking for overall ideas, conciseness, tone) Proofread (checking for typing mistakes, spelling, grammar, formatting) Publish (make your resume public both offline and online) Outline of resume 3 resume formats Chronological Resume Format - best for all levels (Student-level, mid-level, senior) a. Contact information b. Summary c. Extra info d. Education e. Skills f. Work experience (covers most of the content) g. Job title   Functional Resume Format - best for Senior level a. Contact Info b. Summary c. Job title d. Skills e. Work experience f. Education   Combination Resume Format - Best for Mid-level and Senior level a. Contacts b. Summary of skills c. Other Skills d. Work Experience e. Education Expand your skills/knowledge You can expand or hone your existing skills by enrolling in online schools (some are free and some are paid) and training schools such as TESDA. Online schools offer the freedom of earning a short certificate or a degree in the comfort of your home. The pros of expanding your knowledge are that you’ll have the opportunity to add another skill and avoid employment gaps that could leave a bad impression in your resume and interview. Most online schools offer an online certificate that can serve as your credentials. Here are some online schools or Massive Open Online Courses - MOOCs School Business model Subjects Alison Free course content. Certificates are paid upon completion. Information Technology, Language, Science, Health, Business, Math, etc. Coursera Free to watch videos but the certificates and graded assignments are paid. Information Technology, Psychology, Business, Health, Data Science, etc. Edx Paid course content but the certificates are paid. Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Engineering, Law, Music, etc. Khan Academy Totally free Academic, IT, Sciences Udemy Paid training videos IT, Teaching, Business, Design, Marketing, Music, Business, Photography, Office Productivity, etc. Apply for an unemployment insurance Unemployment insurance refers to the benefits (money) granted to the unemployed while they are seeking a new job.  They are those who became involuntarily unemployed - people who lost their jobs due to bankruptcy of the employer, merger and reorganization. The Republic Act 11199 (Social Security Act of 2018) provides the legal basis for such benefit.  Eligibility Criteria/Requirements: Members of the Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines.  Members must not be more than 60 years old during the time of involuntary separation (SSS Circular No.2019-11, July 8, 2019). Members must have made 36 months of contributions. Unemployed Members are those who have involuntarily resigned. Facts: The amount of cash given depends on the average monthly credit. Here’s the Monthly Salary Credit table from SSS  The SSS Unemployment insurance is not a loan and you do not need to pay the SSS for the cash assistance you received. The SSS Unemployment insurance does not cover those who resigned from work or people who lost their job due to neglect of duties and disobedience. The funding for the SSS unemployment insurance comes from the SSS Contribution hike. Do Some Volunteer Work Volunteering can do wonders for your career and social life. It can expand your network that could lead to a job opportunity and provide a learning opportunity. Having a volunteer experience in your resume looks great and appealing to interviewers. Some volunteer organizations provide allowances or some kind of perks for the members. Organization Activities CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) Promoting the safety and welfare of animals Feeding Sisters Making street feeding programs, delivering goods to the needy Greenpeace Philippines Promoting environmental care Habitat for Humanity Building homes for the homeless Hands On Manila  Promoting volunteerism for the community-driven programs Kanlungan ni Maria Helping the elderly My Superhero Friends Foundation Supporting kids and families affected by cancer. Does reach out activities and feeding programs PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) Promoting the safety and welfare of animals Project 200 Providing food and support to the marginalized people. Project Malasakit Giving scholarships to children and volunteering in repacking and distributing goods. Project Pearls Helping children in their environment, education, and nutrition. UNICEF Helping children Apply for a job (In the right way) You can search for a job via online (registering and using job search sites) or offline (office visits and networking). Here are tips to increase your chances of landing an interview and shorten your job hunt. Send applications specific to your skills using the rifle approach (applying to vacancies you are qualified) rather than the shotgun approach (applying to many jobs as much as possible even if you don’t fit the qualifications). Send your resume to both solicited and unsolicited applications. Keep a database or spreadsheet of job applications for tracking. Research the companies and the roles (the HR will surely ask these things). Dress up for the interview. Follow up your applications.

September 11, 2020
CATEGORY: Career Development

Over the years, companies, employers, managers and employees see employment akin to marriage. The company is there to protect and provide the needs of its people while expecting loyalty and commitment. But time has changed. The Internet brought everyone closer, created more competition, and provided learning resources. Such a vast amount of info changed the mindset of the employed, unemployed and recent graduates of rethinking job-hopping. But the question is - is job-hopping okay? Let’s find out. What is job-hopping? Job hopping refers to the job changes in a short span of time. For example, you’re a job hopper if you switch into 5 different jobs within 10 years - working for a company for less than two years. Another, if you only spend 6 months in the job and find another one.   Pros Learn new skills​ Job hopping may lead you to new opportunities such as a chance to apply in a job different from what you have been used to. For example, If you’re working as a data encoder and studying web development, you can find another job in web development which offers more chances of career advancement and good salary. From this new job, you can hone your skills to learn programming languages such as Javascript, PHP and Python. Change careers Switching careers is the process of changing your field of work. For example, you decided to quit your job as a cook to study as a medical professional to pursue your goal of becoming a medical technologist or nurse (or vice versa). Changing careers could be the answer to your inner calling. Find a better pay​ If you have been stuck in your current position and salary, changing jobs after 6 months or 1 year can be your chance to look for a position that pays more than your current work. The pay scale depends on the company size and responsibilities. Meet new people and grow your network​ If you like to increase your network, job-hopping could help you meet new people and thus a network. A new job could be a venue for new friends, business partners and even opportunities. Opportunities abound. Avoid layoffs and bankruptcy​ Your company might have you for layoffs or fall into bankruptcy for a number of reasons such as economic depression, natural disasters, slow business, cost-cutting etc. Job hopping can save you time and emotional depression caused by the unpleasant surprise factor of being suddenly out of a job that is beyond your control.   Cons Employers might view job-hopping negatively Most, if not all, employers regard job-hopping negatively. Their human resource personnel are wary of applicants who treat their jobs and company as if they are just hitching a ride. Employers regard job-hoppers as applicants who are directionless and uncommitted. You can be regarded as having work value issues. Moreover, employers value employees who are loyal and dedicated. You’ll face the risk of job insecurity  Getting unemployed is one of the worst events that could happen in your life. If you’re not ready - no savings and without the next job that you can rely on, then you’ll be going to be broke. You’ll get limited experiences ​ Skills that need more concentration, persistence and brainpower will require a large amount of time and experience. If you’re trying to be good at web development, then a short stint won’t help you earn experiences and competence. Scattered experience Job-hopping for a different skill set can make you unattractive before the eyes of the recruitment personnel and the employer. Scattered experiences refer to different jobs within a span of a year or a couple of years. And having such colourful experiences in your resume will appear as shallow in the eyes of the interviewer and employee. Directionless career path Job hopping can lead to a directionless career path or without the goal of improving a skill or expertise. Because you have short stints, you could end up going to square one and repeating the same job. In this case, you can’t go close to mastering one or two skills.   When job-hopping is Ok. The pros and cons of job-hopping vary depending on your situation, career history and educational background. If you choose to switch job, ensure to plan it carefully and avoid haphazard decisions which you can regret later. Here are the instances, which you can regard job-hopping as a better alternative rather than staying in your job/work/company for long. You hit the ceiling - no career improvement, you don’t get rewarded for your hard work and you’re unrecognized. Bad working conditions such as an unhealthy working environment. You’re compelled to work for unpaid overtime. Bad management Your salary isn’t enough to cover your daily expenses (unless you absolutely don’t have an immediate choice). You’re certain of impending company bankruptcy and layoffs. You are working in a short-term (project-based) job. When job-hopping is not Ok? You just like to job hop for adventure. When you’re a new graduate - unless you got a meagre income or a job with bad working conditions. What should you do before your job hop? Before you decide to change jobs, make sure of these things: You have enough savings to cover your job hunting if you don’t have a next job to rely on. You’ll need money to cover your food, bills, mobile load, paperwork and rent. Even if you got a new job, you’ll still need buffer funds to cover expenses or bills before you get the next payout. You’re 100 % sure of the next job that could be in waiting for you to sign a new contract. So, is it Ok to job hop? Generally, it’s best to stay in a company to work on your experience of 1 year or two. There you can test if your goals fit in the company work and culture. Take note of your career progress (income and skills set). If nothing happens despite your efforts and you hit a stumbling block (which is out of your control), considering to switch a job is the best decision because you may miss opportunities (better pay and working conditions). The pros and cons of job-hopping depend on your situation such as - educational background, work history, skillset, the economic strength of your family and the overall status of the company

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