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  • Philippines Region VII, Cebu, Mandaue, Philippines
  • 2 Years
  • Full-time
  • Negotiable
  • Bachelor's / College Degree
  • 2 Vacancies
Closing Date: August 06, 2023
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Job Address

Oakridge Business Park, A.S Fortuna St., Banilad, Mandaue City

Job Description

1.    Responsible for all Mechanical works at the construction site. He/she ensures that these works are in accordance with the latest drawings and specifications issued for Construction.

2.    Supervise and monitor construction and installation of all mechanical facilities supplied and installed by mechanical contractors/suppliers at the project site.

3.    Ensure that all mechanical installations are in accordance with the technical specification and material submittals approved by the mechanical design consultant.

4.    Ensure that the proper testing and commissioning procedures as required by the Project Owner or the mechanical design consultant is implemented by the mechanical contractor/supplier.

5.    Coordinates closely with plumbing, electrical, fire protection, civil/structural, architect, project manager and consultants to ensure that the construction is in accordance with the project schedule.

6.    Attends regular meetings with the owner, consultants and project manager.

7.    Coordinates with various consultants on design and construction issues and relay correspondences and documents for information, review, comments, approval by concerned consultant.

8.    Assists in the preparation of bid documents necessary for tendering and awarding of the contract.

9.    Evaluate billings as submitted by contractors/suppliers, and assist the Project QS in the resolution of variation/change orders.

10.  Conducts in-process inspection of construction works, monitors accomplishment as against project schedule and recommends construction methodologies and/or alternative materials which affects timely delivery of services.

11.  Ensure that all RLB Quality Management System tools and forms are properly filled-up upon submission by the contractors/suppliers, inspected, duly signed and filed accordingly.

12.  Responsible as qualified to act as Safety Engineer when appointed at site thereby checks all safety and security measures installed/enforced in the construction site and make sure that these are properly operating.

13.  Responsible as qualified to act as Materials Engineer when appointed at site thereby witness all material sampling and testing for the project.

14.  Responsible as qualified to act as Quality Control Engineer when appointed at site thereby reviews material submittals and samples submitted by the contractor prior to endorsement to the Designers and Architect.

15.  Ensures that all the materials used in the project meet the highest quality standards and specifications.

16.  Identify defects and prepare defect lists for review of the Project Manager and the Construction Manager and ensure the rectification of the defect.

17.  Exemplifies qualities that will motivate employees of loyalty, teamwork and dedication to the company.


18.  Any other works, projects or tasks as directed by the Project Manager, the Construction Manager, the PM/CM Manager, or the PM/CM Division Head.

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Working Hours

08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

The job post has already expired.
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