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Craftsman and Clay Artist
Vacancies : 4
Closing Date : 06/28/2019
Country: Saudi Arabia
Education Level: High School Graduate
Years of Experience: 1 Year or less
Salary: Negotiable
Job Type: Full-time
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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  • Candidates must have at least High School Diploma
  • The job requires both Male and Female applicants
  • Minimum of 1 year working experience is required


  • Engaged in crafting and draw wonderful objects including Clay, Ceramics, Cakes/Pastries, Chocolates, Foods, Accessories, Bread, Cheese, woods and much more
  • A skilled manual worker and often engages in making items very decorative to attract people


  • Engages in manufacturing the products with hands and especially with various hand tools
  • Able to draw or paint
  • Crafting handmade Clay, food and pastries purely decorative
  • Engages in designing and making clay, pottery, which is often recognized for its uniqueness, variety, and beauty
  • Deals with various types of jobs including baking and food decorations
  • Involves in crafting local handmade jewelry, potteries, quilt and so on
  • Engages in traditional work including some stone, wood, ceramics, glass and precious metals

* For manpower pooling only. No fees to be collected during the application process. Beware of illegal recruiters.

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Finas Manpower Recruitment Corporation
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