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Closing Date : 08/31/2019
Location: NCR, Metro Manila, Parañaque, Philippines
Education Level: Bachelor's / College Degree
Years of Experience: 2 Years
Salary: Negotiable
Job Type: Full-time
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26th, Floor Unit A & D Washington Tower, Asia World City, E. Aguinaldo Boulevard, Tambo 1701, New Seaside Dr, Parañaque, 1701 Metro Manila

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The ER/Training Coordinator is responsible in providing support in the functional areas of employee relations towards attaining industrial peace in the organization and building a culture of excellence and full spectrum of development and implementation of training and development programs of the company. He/She is responsible in building a culture of excellencce and is responsible for the over-all facilitation and administration of company-wide programs that yields culture excellence and harmonious environment



  • Assists the immediate superior in acting as liaison between the company and employees and responsible for bringing employee issues and concerns to the attention of management.
  • Monitors attendance of all employees and prepares necessary reports on attendance such as but not limited to perfect attendance and employee violation reprot (EVR).
  • Assists immediate superior in organizing and implementing employee relations activities such as Monthly Mass and Fellowship, Company Outing, Christmas Party and other related gatherings in order to boost the morale of employees and build a happy and productive workforce and enhance physical, cultural and spiritual development of employees.
  • Handles designated employee services functions such ascafeteria and ensures effective and effecient implementation of activities and processes.
  • Responsible in timely posting of memorandum and posters in the Company's strategic bulleten boards and other written internal communications such as Company newsletter and related flyers
  • Liaises with government agencies and other external partners in connection to employee or labor relations matters


  • Assists immediate superior in the conduct of Training Needs Identification (TNI) Survey or Competency Assestment on a periodic basis to identify training and development needs of employees
  • Harmonizes TNI/Competency assestment results aloong with Performance Appraisal Forms of employees. Validates results through interviews and observations and prepares a summarfy of all training needs. Incorporates results in the individual and Annual Training Plan and Calendar of Activities.
  • Prepares annual training budget following agreed timelines. Ensures effective adherence and utilization of training budget
  • Orients of newly hired employees according to Orientation Schedule. Responsible in the proper introduction as well as mooth endorsement of newly hired employees to all departments as part of the socialization process.
  • Recommends behavioral training modules designed to enhance the work values and attitudes of all employees thereby improving employee job satisfaction and employee engagement.
  • Sources of training providers and evaluates course contents in accordance to training objectives
  • Coordinates with external training consultants in the review and development of training courses to be conducted
  • Summarizes Trainning Evaluation Form and prepares a narrative progrsam evaluation report after every training activity
  • Maintains up-to-date and accurate training recirds for employees
  • Maintains an up-to-date and accurate database of training provides and course programs
  • Prepares all training logistical requirements which includes teaching and visual aids, training handbooks, office supplies, name tags, venue preparation, and training allowance of participants


  • Regularly updates job descriptions of employees/ Properly identifies job specifications and competencies necessary for the job.
  • Maintains and updates the Manual of all Job Description of all existing positions in the organization
  • Implements organizational development initiatives and programs
  • Regularly update Table of Organization if hte need arises.


  • AB/BS Psychology Graduate or related courses
  • At least 2 years solid work experience preferably gained in a manufacturing comapany
  • Must have  good understanding of learning theories and principles of training and organization development
  • Keen in spotting details and can work efficiently under minimal supervision
  • Must have genuine liking for people, must be creative, resourceful, persuasive, and result-oriented
  • Must have above average oral and written communication skill
  • Must have good research and business presentation skills
  • Must have good planning and organization skills
  • Computer Literate
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