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  • Philippines NCR, Metro Manila, Makati, Philippines
  • 3 Years
  • Full-time
  • PHP 30,000
  • Bachelor's / College Degree
  • 2 Vacancies
Closing Date: November 30, 2019
Salary Details

PHP 30,000

Job Address

Ayala, Makati City

Job Description


Position Title : Restaurant Manager

Reporting Relartionship

The Restraurant Manager directly reports to the Multi Unit Manager


Managing the strategic directions and business strategies of Kuya J Restaurant on his/her assigned restaurant

Key Result Area


  1. Responsible in achieving target sales and perofitability of his/her assigned restaurant
  2. Prepares budget based on company targets, expenditure targets and revenue projection
  3. Analyzes profit and loss statement and identifies root causes of variances and opportunities to improve performance
  4. Monitors and submits regular report


  1. Responsible in achieving set targets for Quality Managent System of his/her assigned restaurant
  2. Plans programs and strategies, and directs over - all operations to promote customer goodwill and achieve the sales target of the restaurant on a monthly and yearly basis
  3. Ensures that all system wide programs are initiatives are properly implemented
  4. Implements measures to maintain quality food and service standards in the restaurant and correct non-conformance with set standards
  5. Reviews and identifies opportunities for operations and process improvement
  6. Set ups and implements store security procedures and designs appropriate preventive measures
  7. Manages the resources of the store (manpower, machine, method, materials and money) and monitors cost to ensure maximum utilization of resources and optimum operation efficiency
  8. Executes crisis prevention and management protocols
  9. Ensures that the store is in full of compliance with local health and other government requirements
  10. Conducts regular audit of store funds, sales, compliance on cash handling procedures, and inventory of all food and non food items inside the restaurant


  1. Responsible in the delivery of the Truly Heart Warming Experience within the assigned restaurant
  2. In charge of managing customer complaints and service recovery on his/her assigned restaurant
  3. Builds and maintains strong positive relationship with the community
  4. Ensures that all local store programs (activities, paraphernalia and point of purchase) will enhance brand equity


  1. Responsible in achieving set targets for Performance Management System by ensuring that the Multi Unit Managers and Management Team members in adheres to expected job performance and behavior on a regional setting
  2. Exercise over-all management of employees in his restaurant, through the implementation of all policies, programs, SOPs, rules, and regulations affecting team member conduct and performance on the job.
  3. Trains, guides and motivates employees to ensure their professional development and personal growth and, at the same time, ensure productivity and viability of the restaurant
  4. Evaluates objectively employees performance following policies and procedures to be able to reward good performance targets to ensure job satisfaction and success on the job
  5. Promotes camaraderie and teamwork among employees to achieve harmonious and productive working relations
  6. Implements Code of Discipline to all employees

SALARY 25,000 - 30,000

Job Type

Hotel/Food and Beverage

Working Hours

08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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