JAC International Manpower Service Inc.
JAC International Manpower Service Inc. (Recruitment Agency)
Representative: Ms. Anne Mapa
POEA License: POEA-038-LB-122816-PL
License Validity: 12/21/2019
About Agency

We are JAC Int’l Manpower Services, Inc. one of the leading Recruitment Agencies in Manila and deploys OFW Globally.

JAC Int'l | Core Values

Just and equitable employment
The right of the employer to hire the best and most qualified worker is the primordial foundation of our company. We strive hard to seek aspiring applicants, provide them with necessary training and ensure that their talents, skills and experiences appropriately meet the needs of any prospective employer. In our earnest desire to satisfy the demands of the principals, we equally consider the interest, welfare and security of our deployed workers by giving them responsible employers who are capable of providing just and humane conditions of work.

We take full responsibility for the policies, decisions and actions implemented by the company with respect to the recruitment and placement of workers. We are committed to observe the highest degree of diligence in the screening and selection of applicants. The company reasonably warrants the fitness, qualification and proper documentation of each and every deployed worker in accordance with the established rules and regulations promulgated by duly constituted authorities. We adhere to strict policies on effectively monitoring the status of workers in order to prevent or address any problem that may arise during his employment whether probable, imminent or existing. We are always ready to provide necessary assistance to the distressed worker, if any, and attend promptly to their concerns. We likewise promote legal and amicable ways of settling all kinds of disputes.

Our company recognizes the dual aspect of competence on the part of the recruiter and on the part of the recruited applicants. The directors, officers and employees of the corporation are highly-qualified, well-trained and equipped with reasonable quantum of expertise in the field of recruitment and placement activity. On the other hand, we guarantee the competence of our selected workers who are expected to perform effectively and efficiently the tasks assigned to them. Our applicants undergo a series of systematic assessment and evaluation by carefully scrutinizing their knowledge, skills, talents, trainings and experiences. We firmly believe that the incompetence of the recruited worker equally reflects the incompetence of his recruiter.

We uphold the principle of moral uprightness in doing the right things through reliable means. We act with utmost candour and honesty in dealing with our principals or applicants. We adopt reasonable standards to ensure strict compliance with the laws and rules governing recruitment and placement process. We do not resort to any unlawful or prohibited means of deploying workers.

Goodwill and outstanding reputation are paramount concerns of our company which can be achieved by setting good examples and rendering exemplary performance. We recognize our role in not only providing decent employment opportunities to Overseas Filipino Workers but also in making significant contribution to the development and success of the country’s economy. Our company likewise endeavour to help aspiring applicants fulfill their dreams which would ultimately redound to the benefit of all the members of his family. The success of our company is measured not by the amount of profits that we earn but by the number of people we help and the difference that we make in their lives.

We strictly perform our duties in conjunction with the standard of adequate and full disclosures regarding the provisions of recruitment agreement as well as the employment contract. We foster complete awareness of each and every party concerned, especially the workers, by amply explaining to them the terms and conditions of their employment. We abhor all kinds of misrepresentation and misleading information which may result in surprises, disagreement and eventual dispute. We do not countenance hidden charges, any form of contract substitution and unlawful acts of the principal or employer.

Long-term business relationship
We honor and treasure the existence of any employer who reposes trust and confidence in our company. We treat our employers or principals as active partners in reaching the corners of Filipino families and touching their lives on a going-concern basis. We likewise value the indispensable role of our employees in achieving the organizational goals or objectives.


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3rd & 4th Floor, CPE Building, B9 L2 Pinagsama Village Phase 2, Taguig City, Philippines 1630
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