La Nueva Supermart, Inc.
La Nueva Supermart, Inc.
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La Nueva Supermart Inc. is a family business, which started 60 years ago, carrying the name, Tong Guan, A small grocery store which was mainly selling canned goods and imported wines. Uy Chun Tong, the father of Julian D. Uy, founded it. Julian D. Uy is presently the President with his wife, Martina Y. Uy, as Executive Vice President. Their all male children assist them. Nelson, the eldest, is the General Manager. Next to him, Stevenson, a CPA-LAWYER takes charge of the corporate affairs and serves as the legal counsel. The third, Jefferson, takes charge of the wholesale division. The fourth, Anderson, manages banking and finance matters. The youngest, Robinson, a licensed pharmacist, manages the sales and operation and handles the pharmacy division. All children have been exposed to and trained with responsibilities inside the store since childhood to continue the business.

La Nuevas' vision is to be the preferred supplier of basic goods to the Filipino individuals at a basic prices. It's mission is to provide absolute satisfaction by offering assortments of basic goods, best value and excellent service. Customer service oriented was La Nueva's philosophy in establishing the business.

La Nueva Supermart, Inc. is known as one of the oldest retail companies in Cebu. It comprises two branches in Magallanes and Cityhall Center. Each has a supermarket and pharmacy to cater to the budget-conscious housekeepers and smaller retail store owners from within the city and neighbouring towns. Despite the may supermarkets and pharmacy outlets, some bigger in size, mushrooming in Cebu City, La Nueva Supermart, Inc. continues to cater to their regular customers other for retail and wholesale selling of grocery items, medicines, school supplies, and other commodities. A coffee shop is also available for dined in customers from Monday to Saturday. The supermart-pharmacy outlets of La Nueva in said streets are open the whole week but half day only for Sunday.

In due time, La Nueva Supermart, Inc. will expand in size and manpower for its retail and wholesale merchandising business of food, beverage, and other household commodities. Its present workforce shall pave way to a more dynamic organization to continually cater to the needs of its customers and the public, in general.



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