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Technoshine Stonecare and Restoration Expert
About the Company
TECHNOSHINE is the first, and in fact until now, the only legitimate STONE CARE and RESTORATION SPECIALIST in the country.

TECHNOSHINE had its humble start in 1993 doing Stone Restoration Services to Homes of those people who value their natural stones and doesn’t want to replace it. For 20 years we had been Restoring Natural Stones like:
A. Marble
B. Granite
C. Travertine
D. Limestone
E. Terrazzo
F. Sandstone
G. Homogenous
H. Engineered
I. Slates
J. Other Natural Stones
K. Even Concretes

Today TECHNOSHINE Stonecare and Restoration Expert provides Exceptional Stone Restoration services not only to Homes but also to:
A. Five Star
B. Hotels
C. Malls
D. Hospitals
E. Condominiums
F. Condo-Tels
G. Churches
H. Others
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