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Faithm Printers and Services
About the Company
FAITHM PRINTERS and SERVICES New generation Continous Ink Supply System is a Highly recommended new trend and product that can provide significance to every inkjet printer user. Quite simply it does what it says - it provides continous supply of ink to the printer! Modern inkjet printers are amazingly different. Something that is logically even more amazing is the low price you can now purchase this printers for. But if you werern't born yesterday, you probably realize by now that inkjet cartridges are ridiculously expensive. In fact pritner manufacturers will actually sell you the printer at a loss just so that they can then sell your ink cartridges at over inflated prices. They make a huge amount of profit on this ink cartridge replacements, which is why they spend so much time and trying to convince you to buy their ink cartridges.

Company Profile FAITHM PRINTERS & SERVICES is a private entity owned and operated by Mr.Marco M. Losloso and team, a young promising entrepreneur who started his way in financial & corporate world; which evidently earned his way on setting up a company with a strong commitment on values, ethics and professionalism. The Company –
Is a fast growing office equipment & service provider which started in the heart of Paco, Manila as the lead branch and now its operations stretches from Metro Manila to Northern Luzon as far as Bulacan, Dagupan, Olongapo, Pangasinan, Baguio and to mention the long time operating area of CALABARZON; FAITHM has a strong commitment to its long list of satisfied patrons earning us to be among the reliable company in the business. As one of the key players in this printing innovation the company offers office equipments such as inkjet printers and multi function printers capable of printing a huge number of printouts, enabling offices / companies / private and public entities to exploit printing in a significantly lower cost. Our innovations and continuous product development & services helps the office / business industry to maximize efficiency in printing without giving up quality and yet maintain a worry free operation. MISSION "To provide continuous & unyielding quality service with our existing and upcoming customers, and consistently offer/render best possible solutions in every concern; enabling us to share our expertise to promote and maintain efficient office operations; and benchmark obstacles as a gauge to further improve our service to protect our customers interest and satisfaction." VISION "FAITHM PRINTERS & SERVICES is grooming to be the innovative, reliable and professional service provider company that caters to businesses categorizing from A to D, to be an amenable institution that will be numbered among the best in the industry.".

Product & Services
Good news! How would you like to cut your printing costs by more than 95% per month? We'll review every facet of your current system and analyze its strengths and weaknesses. We'll look at a comparison of costs for other businesses of your size and provide a comprehensive report of short and long-term actions that will generate substantial savings of your company. We're giving you an opportunity to share our advance technology that lessen your expenses and we strongly recommend and offer most to the business offices to be part of new evolution in computer works. We have a product that is good help for better operation of your offices. Our product that packages all your printing needs: The Basic, Super and Business Office Package.
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  • 1691, Main Street cor 5th Street, Paco, Manila, 1007 Metro Manila
  • el. No.: (02) 353-1939, (02) 559-9846, Fax. No.: (02) 353-9445
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