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Sunlife Grepa Financial Inc
About the Company
Sun Life GREPA Financial, Inc. (SLGFI) is a joint venture company born out of the cooperation between GPL Holdings, Inc. (a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies) and Sun Life Financial Philippine Holding Company, Inc. (a member of the Sun Life Financial Group). A product of the union of distinct brands with their own strengths and global recognition, Sun Life GREPA is one of the pioneering life insurance companies in the country.

The Company traces its roots to Great Pacific Life Assurance Corporation (Grepalife), which was the flagship life insurance firm of YGC. Established in 1954, it has evolved to be one of the industry’s leaders, with its daring innovations that have now become industry standards. Grepalife was the first local insurance firm to pioneer life insurance installment payments and group credit, among others. It also introduced the salary savings/ salary deduction plan which allowed public servants and ordinary employees to pay for their policies. Carrying its original mandate to bring the benefits of life insurance to those who needed it most – the marginal income earner – Grepalife found greater ways to give more Filipinos access to life insurance. With the joint venture in 2011, Grepalife became Sun Life GREPA Financial, Inc.
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