AXL Pegarro Trading
AXL Pegarro Trading
Representative: Christine Santos
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Business Information
Business Name: AXL Pegarro Beauty and Wellness Products Trading
Business Address: 121 JMK Building West Avenue Brgy. Bungad Quezon City
Email: axlpegarrotrading@gmail.com
Tel: 7255-7124

Company Profile
AXL Pegarro Trading is a new marketing entity of health and wellness products and devices. Water purifiers are one of our best products that we have. It is one of the best alkaline water purifier products available in our country and it is made from Japan and Korea. It has DOH Accreditation and FDA Certificate. Other products that we have are listed here: Semter-Hot & Cold Alkaline Water Purifier, Enagic-Kangen (Alkaline Water Purifier), Palaya Corporation-Ozein (Air Purifier), E-onna-Japan Beauty Products (Whitening Soap, Cream, Liquid Soap, etc.)

Our Mission
To give people opportunity to earn.
To teach them and learn how to work in sales industry.
To promote and help everyone to have a safe, clean and healthy lifestyle through our best products.

Our Vision
To become a recognized and respected company in the country that leads everyone to live a healthy and better lifestyle through our safe, efficient and ingenious products.



121 JMK Building West Avenue Quezon City
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