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Research and Design Management Construction Inc
About the Company

RDMC Incorporated is not merely a local design and construction outfit that takes pride on the number and quality of structures we have erected. RDMC Inc. is a collective staff, a team composed of young, dynamic individuals who are among the most competent personnel in the industry. Fueled with the capacity for excellence and integrity, the company coordinates and works closely with the client, whom, in all cases, we consider our BOSS.

RDMC Inc. is in the business of DESIGNING, where design is taken up as an opportunity to showcase Filipino ingenuity. Creative innovation is always a first-hand priority, taking special consideration to both quality and practicality.

RDMC Inc. is in the business of BUILDING, constructing in accordance to the desires and requirements of the client. Our projects are founded on the most practical and creative research and designs, meticulously going through every detail and phase, and employing the latest available technology in the industry, only to ensure that after each project, the BOSS will come out the most satisfactorily rewarded.

Hence, RDMC Inc. does not believe in aggressively marketing our services. The happy and satisfied clients are the company’s best salesmen. Nor do we believe in compromising quality and safety for the sake of winning a contract. Our projects stand as proud monuments of the company’s superior capability to render service, which is one of the best in the country.

RDMC Inc. is a contractual outfit with a heart, a factor that distinguishes us from the other companies in the industry. We are committed in building not just structural works, but relationships, which we consider our most lasting and fulfilling reward. In the end, each project with RDMC Inc. becomes a truly qualifying and worthy experience both to the company and to our BOSS.
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  • 5th Flr, DHC Bldg, 1115 EDSA, Quezon City
  • 09176798887
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